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spicy Hot & Spicy


Served with Steamed Rice
spicy Shredded Pork w. Garlic Sauce
Shredded pork sauteed with celery, water chestnuts, wood-ear mushroom & bamboo shoots in spicy garlic sauce
spicy Hunan Pork
Sliced pork sauteed with broccoli, mushroom, baby corn, water chestnuts & green pepper with hot spicy brown sauce
Pork w. Vegetables 9.45
Moo Shi Pork (w. 4 Pancakes) 9.45
Sweet & Sour Pork 9.45
spicy Pork w. Black Bean Sauce
Shredded pork peking style shredded pork sauteed with bamboo shoots and scallion in plum sauce
Pork w. Spring Onions (Mongolian Pork) 9.45
spicy Sha Cha Pork 9.45
spicy Shredded Pork w. String Beans
Shredded pork sauteed with string beans in hot sauce
Roast Pork w. Broccoli 9.45
Roast Pork w. Snow Peas 9.45
spicy Double Cooked Pork 9.45
Sliced Pork w. Peking Style 9.45